Our founder has also sponsored a school solely for muslim girls. As of now there are 932 girls.
Success Stories
Boy aged 11yrs having 7 sibiliy both parents working, children 6-7yrs are cooking, clean, washing clothes, after that they are wandering on roads.Father has commited suicide due to the poor conditions of the house.
Aged 12yrs Cataract diagnosed in eye camp at school sucessfully operated free of cost.
Told in other school cannot study.Could not concentrate doing well in the school.
Sits on the roadside selling tea.Has been with the school for past one year can read & write (Hindi & English) along with complex maths.
Parents are daily wage laborers. Four siblings, 11 year old. No education. Had to baby-sit her 2 month old brother, convinced to study.
Age 4 yrs old orphan child lives with his very old grand mother, used to roam on roads with nobody to take care is with the school for past 1 year. He is a friendly, very independent and quick learner.
Age 11 yrs old. Used to beg at kalkaji temple, was into drugs smoking and booze he has shed all his bad habits with the school for past one year an extremely sincere child.
Both are 10yrs old, Polio infected children with the school for past 6 months
Parents are daily wage earners. Their elder sister who is eleven years old comes to drop them but cannot attend school because her parents want her to work.
Parents are very poor. These girls would sit at Kalka mandir to beg. They could not afford educating them They are with the school for past one year.