Our founder has also sponsored a school solely for muslim girls. As of now there are 932 girls.
Welcome to our children special world
Guru Nanak preached against discrimination & prejudices due to race caste ,status etc. He said "seeing the brotherhood of all mankind and its service is the highest order of religion. There is One awareness among all created beings. Carrying forward the service for poor and backward class started by first guru, "GURU NANAK DEV JI" nanaksar in the sikh history for the first time ever known is rendering its services to the underprivileged and poor children by educating them irrespective of their caste and religion.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached against discrimination of all kind whether it’s on the basis of cast, creed, status or religion. He saw all humans as his own, as we are all children of one god. And he believed that each one of us should do sewa for the downtrodden section of society.

Carrying forward the sewa and service, Sant Baba Amar singh Ji, a well known figure in Sikh community, as a spiritual leader, philanthropist and world wide chairman of Nanaksar, has laid the foundation of Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj Education Society.

The ideology of Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj Education Society is an out come of the vision of Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji to serve the children in rural and urban areas who are vulnerable and are living in inhuman conditions.

Since 1969 the organization has grown and has a worldwide presence with Guruwaras and schools in New Zealand, United States United Kingdom, Canada Australia and all over India.

The organizations core belief is education and service of Mankind. Baba Ji believes that, the real charity is the charity which makes one free of charity. Education is the best tool to break free from the shackles of poverty. There are 72 million children in the world’s poor countries. 57% of them are girls who are denied of primary education.

We are determined to bring an end to this through education. All the facilities are being used and upgraded to ameliorate their health and education at the society.

At present we have 300 regular children from slums the children, who were begging outside temples and picking garbage. We have children from 3 years to 15 years old.

The society’s emphasis is, not just to educate them academically, but to train them, in vocational courses as well; so that, when they leave the institute they do not have to beg anymore. We have introduced computers, stitching and are planning to introduce electrician and carpentry courses in future. The school nurtures their dreams and gives them courage to strive for it.

The environment of the school is such where they are encouraged to bring out and show their talent to in the outside world. This helps them build a strong self esteem.