Our founder has also sponsored a school solely for muslim girls. As of now there are 932 girls.
About our children's education center
The school came into existence when Baba Amar Singh Ji saw children of laborers playing in cement and concrete on the construction site. We started with these 12 children in October 2006. Everyday we would bathe them, give them clean clothes. Studies would follow after that along with nutritious lunch.
Now the strength of the school is 300 and everyday then are new admissions.
More importantly the children who come to the school are from different religion all are taught along with education, to do good to others and remember "ONE ALMIGHTY" of and religion. This is the true teaching of "GURU GRANTH SAHIB".

The boys and girls of the school are children of laborers, rickshaw, pullers, beggars and daily wage earners. These kids did not have an option to education because the focus of their parents is to provide two square meals a day. The school has shown a different world to them. They have learned to dream and strive for it.
The environment of the school is such-where there is love, talent is nurtured and no harsh word is ever uttered which they are used to in the outside world. This helps them build a strong self-esteem.
We have kids age from 3 ½ to 14 years of age. Their level of education is till 2nd grade. We have 12 paid teachers as of now. Along with education vocational training is provided to these children. Children 10 years and above, who have never had any kind of education earlier in life, we provide them basic education along with a lot of stress in vocational training through which they can build a career.

A hungry child cannot develop liking for education. We provide them with nutritious meal along with biscuits and one candy a day. This one small candy brings a lot of joy to these kids. We encourage the children to play outdoor as well as indoor games.