Our founder has also sponsored a school solely for muslim girls. As of now there are 932 girls.
Our Aims & Objectives

The main object of the society is “to organize and establish, open and/or take over educational and vocational schools and institutions, to impart education to children, boys and girls and/or adults with special attention to children of below poverty line families including children who are begging on the streets, outside Temples and Gurdwara etc.”
The Vision of Garib Niwaj Education Society has been an outcome of dream, concept and ideology of sant Baba Amar singh ji to serve the mankind who are oppressed, deprived and vulnerable condition and subjective to untold problems, suffering in rural and urban areas. Due to an acute poverty, harassment and exploitation of the rich and affluent section of the society.
In view above and background, we have determined to elevate the suffering of the most indigenous people especially the weaker section and the economical backward communities and bring them into the main stream of society. In order to bring them into the main stream, all the facilities which are being extended both Central and State Governments and abroad to ameliorate the socioeconomic, health and education. Our organization denotes of peace, tranquility, prosperity and educate which is a main instrument combat with inequality, distribution, social evils and particularly untouchability.
Mission the main objective is to ensure equality, fraternity and social justice which haven’t been denied to the scheduled tribes and economically backward communities and also protection of environmental forest, waste land development through education. Overall objectives is to empower the poor people in socio-economic health and education.

Definite Programme

The definite programme is to provide the education to the children may be boy or girl belongs to the below line poverty line, neglected and destitute especially children located in the J.J Colony, begging on the streets, and not in position to think about the education.
In this programme the society will provide complete education meal, dress, complete education, educational books, and other stationary, along with free transportation system.

1. The Society is providing free education to the children residing at Madangir, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, and other J.J Colonies, the society is running a very specialized programme for children in which school cab will pick the children from home, and thereafter the society will arrange the bath for the children, cleaned cloths, thereafter mid-day meal has been given, and after the completion of the class fruits twice a week are served to the children for the completedevelopment of the society, by this way society is trying to uplift the society because the education to the poor children will restrain them to indulge in the illegal activities, because education will open the new venture of the employments.
2. At present 300 students/children are availing the benefits from the activities of the society as they are receiving free education, cloths, shoes, books, stationary, meal in a day, along with transportation.
3. Organized more than 7 Medical Camps for vaccination and eyes.
4. Distributed the blankets to the poor person.